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We wish you a happy new year 2023 🎉🎉 Thank you for 2022 - it was a great year with beautiful exhibitions, our first art fair and the first anniversary of our gallery! Thank you so much to our customers, visitors and our artists, who are the ones who make the gallery what it is - a place to meet and stay! We look forward

01.12.2022 until 24.12.2022 Our popular Advent calendar is back.Every day from 1.12-24.12 at 10:00 o'clock on Facebook and Instagram the door of the day will be opened.24 great artists provide one to five works each for a maximum of 200 euros. It's worth looking in every day, because there are again great works of art for a small price to grab. If you're

CURRENT EXHIBITION19.11.2022 until 14.01.2023 Galerie Dumas im Advent VOL. 2 - Céline Achour, Alice Baillaud, Cristina Balerina, Gottfried Derndorfer, Elke Punkt Fleisch, Carole Feuerman, Gregos, Barbara Guinevra, Valery Guo, Pedro Hamon, Monika Herschberger, Ramadan Hussien, Jana & Js, Alois Janetschko, Sherry Kerlin, Nina Lanner, Michael Lawrence, Suzanne Levesque, Me Lata, Mowcka, Florian Nörl, Philipp Pamminger, Andrei Pandea, Dino Pearl, Marco Prenninger, Sarah Renz,

Impressions from our first Linzer Kunstsalon. Thank you to the Schlossmuseum Linz, OÖ Kultur and Gabriele Spindler for the invitation. Thank you to all the visitors who come to us. A special thanks to our artists for supporting us and let us show these beautiful artworks.____________________ LINZER KUNSTSALON 2022 📅 07.10.22 - 09.10.22 📍 Schlossmuseum LinzSchlossberg 1, 4020 Linz____________________ Carole FeuermanJana & JsFlorian NörlJohannes SteiningerBirgit Zinner 📸 Michael

We are pleased and honoured to be guests at the Linzer Kunstsalon 2022. We are coming with 5 great and international artists! Carole Feuerman, Jana & Js, Florian Nörl, Johannes Steininger M. A. M A, Birgit Zinner ____________________ The diverse range of Upper Austrian galleries and art associations can be experienced again this year at the Linz Art Salon. After the new presentation venue in the Linz

« Gregos was here » Yes, where do they come from? That's what some OÖN readers ask themselves as they stroll along Herrenstraße, Promenade or Hauptplatz these days.;art66,3707161?fbclid=IwAR16y0W4T2dudyxtwbsQfa288vuJIlE6EvgtlK-GG1G7wS833HUeITWXvwo#kommentarArt__outer OÖ Nachrichten-06-September-2022

CURRENT EXHIBITION03.09.2022 until 16.10.2022 #Streetart - Gregos, Jana & Js, Me Lata, Mowcka, Manuel Skirl Press Release : #Streetart OPENING HOURS THUR - FR 14.00 - 19.00 SA 10.00 - 12.00 and 13.00 - 19.00 And any time by appointment +43 699 19023835 / CONTACT GALERIE DUMAS OG GERSTNERSTR.13, 4040 LINZ, AUSTRIA Mag.phil RAFFAELA DUMAS-JANETSCHKO +4369919023835, STÉPHANE DUMAS +33786422721,

When art moves into the apartment building Raffaela Dumas and her husband Stéphane converted their former student flat in Linz-Urfahr into an art gallery.;art16,3679240 OÖ Nachrichten-17-July-2022

Two Upper Austrian art locations - the Der(N)Art monastery studio in Niederwaldkirchen and the Dumas Gallery in Linz-Urfahr - will be connected by the climate-friendly Mühlkreisbahn on Sunday, 19 June. Accompanied by well-known Linz and Mühlviertel musicians and treated to culinary delights (Mühlviertel snacks and French delicacies), visitors will experience a special art treat on this day under the title "Aller et retour" (There