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About Galerie Dumas
  -  About Galerie Dumas

Welcome to Our Apartment Gallery

Be Different

The landscape of the art world is undergoing a profound transformation. With the advent of platforms like Instagram and the emergence of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), collectors are increasingly making purchases online, often without the traditional experience of viewing the artwork in person. In light of these shifts, one might question the viability of starting a traditional gallery in today’s digital age.

However, we aspire to defy convention. On May 16, 2021, a unique space in Linz opened its doors—a space where art resides and thrives. This is not just another gallery; it’s a paradigm shift in how art is encountered and engaged with.

Welcome to a new breed of gallery, where art is not confined to the sterile confines of a ‘white cube’. Here, you’ll find an immersive environment where art comes alive, offering a lifelike and enriching experience for visitors.



We’ve transformed an apartment at Gerstnerstr. 13 in Urfahr into a dynamic artistic concept space.

With each new exhibition, our environment undergoes a transformation, mirroring the essence of the artworks on display. This fluidity creates an immersive experience, inviting our guests to embark on a journey of discovery.

Central to our mission is ensuring accessibility to the artwork. We want our visitors to feel at home, fostering an atmosphere where art becomes tangible and sparks meaningful conversations. Genuine personal connections are the cornerstone of our gallery experience.

Our gallery’s guiding principles revolve around uniqueness, conceptualization, reception, and impact, distinguishing us within the landscape of art exhibitions. We’re committed to offering a distinct and enriching experience for all who step through our doors.

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Through direct engagement with artists and art professionals, we primarily identify ourselves as art mediators, serving as a bridge between creators and the art market.

We place significant emphasis on transcending our regional boundaries, striving to provoke critical discourse around contemporary art. This commitment to evolution is reflected in our dynamic exhibition program, where new insights and perspectives are continuously incorporated.

Our aim is to provide a platform that caters to regional, national, and international artists alike, offering them an ideal setting to showcase their work. Whether established artists and emerging talents, all artists are welcomed and celebrated within our space.

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Our vision

Art represents one of the final frontiers, fostering a tolerant community with a unique perspective on the essence of life. Inspiring young individuals to engage with art and cultivating their potential as future art collectors is of paramount importance to us. As such, we endeavor to provide high-quality art at affordable prices.

Beyond our two exhibition spaces, we have also curated a showroom dedicated to showcasing artists who may not be featured in the current exhibitions. This additional space serves as an invitation for our guests to leisurely explore, fostering an atmosphere of curiosity that encourages sustained engagement and a desire to return.

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