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  -    -  Carole Feuerman  -  DAWN, 50/398

DAWN, 50/398


Patinated Bronze Figurative Sculpture with Polished Cap and 2-Tier Stone Base. Limited edition of 398 ex.
38 x 23 x 15 cm

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We are the only art gallery in Austria representing Carole A. Feuerman. For any inquiries or acquisitions, feel free to contact us.

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Through my sculptures I convey my feelings about life and art. It is far easier for me to express my emotions through sculpture than through words. I portray the inner life of each image I create to capture the passion and sensuality of my subject. In this way, my work speaks to the viewer, evoking both an emotional and an intellectual response.

My early hyper-realistic sculptures invite the audience to contemplate the intriguing dichotomy of realty in life and art. While my current work in metal is inspired by the idealized forms of ancient civilizations, in my trompe-l’oeil works, figures are portrayed as fragmented reality. Although only a portion of the body is presented, extensive detailing makes each figure come to life. In contrast, the classical subjects of my work in metal are realized through a technique I developed for dripping and pouring molten materials.

Throughout my artistic career, my style has undergone many transformations, but my passion for art and my love of creating art endure.

Extract from Carole Feuerman autobiography. Read More