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Galerie Dumas
  -  Press   -  Happy New Year 2024

Happy New Year to all art enthusiasts! To our dear collectors, artists, visitors, and followers, may 2024 be a year of inspiration, creativity, and artistic discoveries. Thank you for your continuous support.

Here’s a glimpse of the planned exhibitions this year:

1. Homage to Michael Lawrence
An artistic immersion dedicated to lyrical drawings and paintings celebrating the theater of life on the occasion of Michael Lawrence’s 80th birthday.

2. Galerie Dumas hors des Murs
An artistic journey to the renowned 59 Rivoli in Paris, highlighting some of our Austrian artists while offering a captivating view of our city, Linz, and Austrian culture.

3. Schriftzüge – Text matters
A celebration of the impact of visual language, where words become powerful visual artworks.

4. #Summervibes Edition 2
Let’s finally embrace summervibes. We usher in the summer and the joy of living with a special summer theme, where one room will be infused with a fine sandy beach atmosphere.

5. #Streetart Edition 2
A captivating dive into the vibrant world of streetart, revealing the artistic boldness of those who transform the streets into true open-air masterpieces.

6. Galerie Dumas Im Advent VOL.4
We infuse the spirit of Christmas into the Dumas Gallery, transforming the rooms into a warm Christmas lounge.

In addition to our exhibitions, the gallery will host various events throughout the year, including literary cafes, French wine and product tastings, exclusive meetings with artists, creative workshops… We also plan to participate in different art fairs.

The year 2024 promises to be exciting for the third year of our gallery’s existence. We look forward to reconnecting with you soon to share these unique artistic moments with you.

See you very soon,
Stéphane & Raffaela