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Trickle - Gamedude in the making 2012 - 2022



Trickle is a street artist, born in 1976 in Austria.

He loves to be creative, especially in his job as a cameraman and video producer. It took him a while to call himself an artist, but realizing that being creative makes him happier than anything else kept focusing him on making art. He also enjoys using his creative energy to build things like skateboards, pictures and furniture, but mostly street art sculptures. He invented his own streetwear label in the early 2000s. Streetwear is still an unfinished project for him. Trickle started with street art in 2012. He describes himself as a free thinker, which is also reflected in some of his subjects. He loves to put political messages on his art, because he wants people to overthink special things…. but also fun should not be neglected in his projects and in life itself.

He has many ideas for various future projects that hopefully someday will be realized.

Group Exhibitions (selection)


Galerie Dumas hors des Murs, Galerie Dumas, 59 Rivoli, Paris


Galerie Dumas im Advent VOL.3, Galerie Dumas, Linz (AT)


#Streetart, Galerie Dumas, Linz (AT)
Galerie Dumas im Advent VOL.2, Galerie Dumas, Linz (AT)