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Polaroid Transfer - Making Of

HI5 - Tofa

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Animations, lightpainting, audiovisual Installations, Mapping-Projection, music videos – under one umbrella by TOFA



Introducing Chris Noelle, also known as TOFA:

Behind the enigmatic moniker TOFA lies Christopher Noelle, an artist hailing from Berlin and currently based in Linz. Since 2019, Christopher has been immersed in his MULTIMORPHISM series, a creative endeavor blending reality and fiction through the lens of minimalistic geometric op-art.

Multimorphism, a term coined by Christopher, encapsulates the simultaneous existence of multiple forms. His work is an experimental fusion of computer-generated graphics, pen plotting, scanning, light painting photography, and Polaroid printing, culminating in a multimedia microcosm dedicated to the dynamics of shape, defragmentation, forced errors, and abstraction, all aimed at striking a balance between the virtual and the real.

The complexity of Christopher’s series arises from its multi-layered multimedia approach, seamlessly merging graphic illustration, animation, sculpture, calligraffiti, projection, painting, and light painting photography.

Christopher, operating under the pseudonym TOFA, has been a fixture in the Austrian multimedia art scene since the mid-1990s. His journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of creativity, transcending conventional job descriptions and resembling more of a myth than a typical career trajectory.

His artistic evolution began during a successful career as a bike-trials professional in the 1990s, which led him to discover photography and film editing, igniting his passion for multimedia art. Over the years, he has seamlessly integrated his various interests into mapping projections, light paintings, motion graphics, illustrations, and robotic arts, establishing himself as a visionary creator with an exceptional knack for breaking artistic boundaries.

Today, Christopher’s body of work revolves around the interaction between humans, machines, and space, resulting in delicate transdisciplinary art often inspired by op-art and the minimalist Bauhaus style. His projects, each a fusion of different artistic directions, embody a perpetual motion, ever-evolving yet consistently captivating.

Christopher’s influence extends beyond his artwork; he has shared his expertise in filmediting and transdisciplinary photography and multimedia art at universities and showcased his work at prestigious events like TedEx and Ars Electronica. His creations have graced the pages of renowned publications such as Vogue and Fastcompany Magazine, while his clientele includes global brands like Microsoft, Red Bull, and Converse.

The journey of TOFA, which began with a passion for extreme sports and evolved into a multifaceted artistic odyssey, continues to unfold. As he collaborates with fellow artists and delves into new mediums like NFT art, Christopher’s impact on the art world remains profound and ever-expanding.

Vita Milestones – Overview

Black & White, Galerie Dumas, Linz (AT)
Galerie Dumas im Advent VOL.3, Galerie Dumas, Linz (AT)


Creative Designer at Modulux – projection art


Artist studio in Linz
Solo exhibition & Artist in Residence, AIT Vienna

2016, 2018, 2019

Robotic Art in collaboration with. Prof. J. Braumann UdK Linz

2009 – 2012

Lecturer for Multimedia Presentation Beuth University Berlin

2007 – 2013

Art Director Tresor Berlin


Founder of The Core. – projection & lighting design

2005 – 2007

Documentary Producer Backjumps, Berlin Streetart


Started with Lightpainting Photography

2002 – 2005

Freelancing Camera Man & Cutter

2000 – 2004

Freelancing Fashion Graphic Designer

1998 – 2002

Fashion Design Studies JAK Hamburg


Visual Artist


Apprentanceship advertising salesman Jung von Matt Hamburg


Guinness Book Record Holder


UCI 20″ Vice World Champion, 2 x Team Worldchampion

1994 – 1998

Bike Trial Pro Rider

Interests – Overview


Penplotter art


Mapping projection


Lightpainitng photography


Live visuals / VJing


Filmediting and motiongraphics

Electronic Music production




Graphic Design, Typography, Graffiti & Streetart