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“It all started with a desire to create something eye-catching in the street to mark specific locations in Paris. I started with glass structures with a mirrored back to reflect the sun.

These were a bit fragile, so I opted for a completely mirrored structure, which was both more solid and gave me the pleasure of being able to see things that logically shouldn’t be there when you look in that direction. So the idea was born.

Creating my structures gives me a kind of tortured pleasure : it’s angular, it goes in all directions, I follow a line and then discover that it can twist endlessly in its own reflection. I regularly walk around the dial when I’m working, the mirror absorbing me.

Linking the pleasure of nature to the reflection of a mirror is something that speaks to me, being able to create a patch of greenery on the neglected walls of the city, capturing flashes of light, freezing fleeting moments, glimpsing a reflection that shouldn’t be there.”

Group Exhibitions (selection)

French & Austrian Affairs VOL.2, Galerie Dumas, Linz (AT)
Galerie Dumas im Advent VOL.3, Galerie Dumas, Linz (AT)