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Raul Izkierdo


Born in Havana, Cuba, Raul Izkierdo is based nowadays in Austria and finishing a master in fine arts. Through his creative career he has participated in several events like the 1st Internatonal Design Biennale La Habana 2016, exhibiting at the Factory of Cuban Art. In 2016 he was awarded by the Cuban National Design Office. In Austria his artwork has been exhibited in places like the Bundesministerium für Bildung Wissenschaft und Forschung, the IFK in Vienna, Foto Wien and Festival der Regionen.

Raul Izkierdo has modelled a visual language that leaves no stone unmoved. Through contemporary art photography and visual communication, perception of the hidden aesthetics of being is captured, using a “photo-graphic“ medium, but not eluding the long process of self-question. “A long analogical process, a practical, natural metaphor of life itself, allows me to recurrently ask myself what human behaviour is, and, in the process, wrestle with the dialectic of my consciousness“.

Andre Malraux used to say that “youth is the only religion we all end up worshipping”. As in other ventures of life, though, there are different qualities of worship. Raul Izkierdo is carving his in the acute exploration of our behaviour. He looks and observes, and to be honest, is as well faithful to the author of the «Human Condition».


TV edition – Institute of Radio and Television.

Visual Communication Design – Higher Institue of Design Havanna.

Currently finishing Master in Arts at Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria.

Working Areas


Visual Identity

Editorial Design

Web Design

Typographic Design