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In the flow - Video message from the studio Michael Wegerer in an unusual time

Michael Wegerer


Michael Wegerer, born in 1970 in Austria, is an artist whose diverse practice encompasses printmaking, drawing, sculpture, and installations. He delves into culturally and historically evolved phenomena of perception through images and text, with a recent emphasis on exploring the interplay between color and structure. Wegerer often references the aesthetics of modernism, infusing his work with a contemporary sensibility.

At the core of Wegerer’s artistic inquiry lies an exploration of the relationship between color, rhythm, and movement, often starting from basic geometric shapes and employing the principle of the serial, central to screen printing. His work invites viewer interaction and encourages a dynamic engagement, as he aims to provoke a fresh perspective with each encounter.

Wegerer’s artistic journey began with studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and continued at the Royal College of Art in London. Since 2006, he has embarked on several international working periods in Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Sweden, and China, where he has developed experimental screen-printing techniques. Currently based in Vienna, Wegerer’s practice extends beyond exhibitions to include the design of printed glass and façade elements for architectural art projects.

Transformation and association are keywords in Wegerer’s practice, as he reshapes and transforms his art to evoke associations and activate perceptual processes. Through his multifaceted work, he seeks to unveil unusual perspectives on everyday objects and experiences, encouraging viewers to revisit and reinterpret his creations from varied viewpoints.

Solo Shows


“SOLO”, Galerie Kunstfabrik, Groß Siegharts, AT


““, Boutique Romana, Vienna, AT

“SOLO”, Projekt at the printing talbe , Viadukt Screen Prints, Vienna, AT

“Grafik”, Kunst im Traklhaus, Ausstellung im ehem. Hödlmoser Atelier, Salzburg, AT

“QuintPrint:Glas”, book-presentation & show, AIL, Viennna, AT

“Light Traces of Geometry ”, Wharepuke Gallery, New Zealand
“418: I’m a Teapot” , Loft8 Galerie, Vienna, Austria
“In Situ – in the studio”, curated by Maria Holter, Vienna, AT

“BeLICHTung”, NK Galerie, Wr. Neustadt, AT
“LICHT”, Blaugelbe Galerie Zwettl, AT                                                          “Bouncing Borders”, Bildraum 01, Vienna, AT

“Maze&Monsters”, Waldorf Mauer & Künstlerhaus, Vienna, AT

“Let me Google that for You”, Gallery Rostrum, Malmö, Sweden

“F!GURES”, KIS-Gallery, Vienna, AT
“Ljus och Språk”, Örnsköldsviks, Sweden

“Gradual Amalgamation”, Artothek Krems, AT

“You make Me feel mighty Real”, Haus der Kunst, Baden, AT                                  “In Black Dust”, Final Show, Royal College of Art, London, UK

“Planta Baja”, Ingráfica, Cuenca, Spain                                                                 “Translab (distant divergences)”, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia           “Open Source”, Kunstraum Arcade, Mödling, AT

Duo shows


“Liquid Land”, (with Eva Maria Raab), Ausstellungsbrücke Noe, St. Pölten, AUSTRIA


“Frames & Fragments”, (with Kurt Spitaler), Kunstverein Baden, Parallel Vienna , Vienna, AT

“Blue glasses with a mirror effect” (with M. Wielek-Mandrela) , StrefArt Gallery, Tychy, Poland

“Piano Sublimation #3”, (coll. JUUN), Brucknerhaus Linz, AT

“Tell me what you want” (mit D. Peeva), Künstlerhaus, AT
“Piano Sublimation #2,5” (with JUUN), Fab Gallery, Alberta, Canada
“Clusterwolke” (with Barbara Höller), OOE Kunstverein Linz, AT
“Piano Sublimation #2” (with JUUN) Porgy&Bess Vienna, AT

“Piano Sublimation #1” (with JUUN), Künstlerhaus, Vienna, AT

“Reset”, (with Gerhard Kaiser) Galerie Schloss Bad Fischau, AT

Group shows


Galerie Dumas hors des Murs, Galerie Dumas, 59 Rivoli, Paris

Black & White, Galerie Dumas, Linz (AT)
Galerie Dumas im Advent VOL.3, Galerie Dumas, Linz (AT)

“betwixt und between”, Kunstverein Baden, Ausstellungsbrücke, AT
“Raumergreifend”, Domenig Galerie, Ankerbrotfabrik, Vienna, AT
“#Summervibes”, Galerie Dumas, Linz, AT
”Proximity and Distance“, Seestadt Tower, Vienna, AT
„sinNe_Wahrnehmung und Ausnahme“, kuratiert von Tanja Prušnik, Stift Millstatt, Austria
Artcube 24, Limited Edition online gallery, ArtCube24, AT
“Make ART not WAR”, Galerie Dumas, Linz AUSTRIA


Galerie Dumas im Advent, Galerie Dumas, Linz (AT)
“Screen on paper 2” online exhibition, Megalo, Australia

“Art of staying home”, Bibliothekca Alexandria, Egypt
“Screen on paper” online exhibition, Megalo, Australia
“genie&gender”, KV Baden, Baden AT
“Fake&Fragement”, Sehsaal, Vienna, AT

“anniversary”, Flat1, Vienna, AT
“36th Austrian Graphic Art Comp.”, TAXISPALAIS, Innsbruck, AT

“geometric stories”, ecoart, Palais NOE, Vienna, AT
Novosibirsk Triennial at State Art Museum, Russia
“Printabilities”, St. George’s School Art Gallery, Köln, DE
“Strukturen5”, KV artP, Perchtoldsdorf, AT                                                    “CODES”, foryouandyourcostumers, Vienna, AT                                      “Attr_action”, Kunstraum Retz, AT
“MESH”, Rostrum Gallery, Malmö, Sweden

“5th Int. Printmaking show”, Wharepuke, New Zealand
“DOBEDOBEDO”, KV Baden Gallery, AT
“Druckgrafik, die Druckgraphik, Atelier Salzamt, Linz, AT
“In transition”, periscope, Salzburg, AT
“Das bessere Leben”, Künstlerhaus05, Vienna, AT

“Abenteuer Wirklichkeit”, Forum Frohner, Krems, AT
“Mission to Mars”, Flat1, Vienna, AT
“Phänomen”, basement, Vienna, AT
“Fünfzehn”, DOK NOE, St.Pölten, AT
“Akte A-Z” periscope, Salzburg, AT
“Summer Show”, KV Baden Gallery, Baden, AT
8th Intern. Print Biennial Douro, Portugal

“LOOP”, with Barbara Höller, Scott Betz, Richard Phillips, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, AT
2nd Global Print, Douro Biennal, Portugal
“100 Meisterwerke”, Gallery KV Baden, AT
5th Biennial of Drawing, Serbia                                                                  “Dis/Order”, ArthurSchnitzlerPark, BAHNHOF-Baden, AT                             “Sphere”, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

“Fluxus” (kuratiert von Lukas Pusch), Vienna Contemporary, AT
“235/100”, Gallery ACEcka Zrenjanin, Serbia
“Hocker Stuhl Sessel”, Traklhaus, Salzburg, AT
“Unbounded”, Mingyuan Art Museum, Shanghai, China
“The Negligent Eye”, The Bouecoat, Liverpool, UK
“4muerz2beat14”, KunsthausMürz (mit Manfred Wakolbinger, Gerhard Kaiser, Leopold Kogler), AT
“Critical Mass”, Little Art Parlour Gallery,Novi Sad, Serbia
“4muerz2beat14”, Kogler/Kaiser/Wakolbinger/Wegerer, Kunsthaus Mürz, AT
“Salonely, Embassy” Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
“Critical Mass” Fundación´ace, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Mobiliar im Blickfeld”, Stadt Galerie, Waidhofen/Ybbs, AT
Zeichung Zeichung, k-haus, Vienna AT
In.print.out, Print-Triennial, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, AT
Post Occupancy, art.p gallery, Austria
New Members, KV Baden, Austria
Critical Mass Portfolio,SGCI, Milwaukee, USA

ON – Zeitlose Zeichen (A tribute to Otto Neurath), Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria
Sarajevo Transit / Celle, Galleria Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegowina
Abra Kadaver, dieausstellungsstrasse, Vienna, Austria
Central Print Exchange Exhibition,Hongqiao Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China
Beyond the Screen, 12 Star Gallery, London, UK
Folio RSC, Shakespeare Project, London, UK
Expanded Painting, VisarteM54, Basel, Switzerland
Paradise, Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Hockney Gallery, London, UK
RCA Secret, Royal College, London, UK
8e Triennale de Chamaieres Mondial, AMMAC, France
Consequences, Parfitt Gallery, London, UK
Multiple matters, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria
Cafe Gallery, Southwark Park, London, UK
MMX, RCA, London, UK

From a Matrix, Ljubjana, Slovenia
Int. Print Triennale, Krakow, Poland
Technik und Kunst, Kellergalerie, Vienna
Druckort:Wien, Nationalgalerie Sofia, Bulgarien


Multiple spaces, Qubik, Karmeliterkriche Wr.Neustadt, Austria
Sommer Dialog, Educult Museumsquartier, Vienna, Austria
Skulptur, Kahnweilerpreis Ausstellung, Rockenhausen, Germany              Displayced, Diplomausstellung, Universität f. Ang. Kunst, Vienna, Austria

Baghdad in love; Symposium; WUK, Vienna, Austria
Triangel, Schloß Bentlage Rheine, Germany
Print, Graphik-Triennale, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria
Essence07, MAK, Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
Maximize the Minimum, Kunsthalle Wien Project Space, Vienna, Austria
Premio de Gravado „MaximoRamos“, Concello de Ferrol, Espana
Holz & Papier, Galerie Feuerwerk, Fügen/Tirol, Austria
Fünffach, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Vienna, Austria

Ursula Blickle Videopreis 2006, Kunsthalle Wien, Videolounge, Vienna
Debutnale06, VideoAward, IFKE, Linz, Austria
Installation#7, Qubik Space, Wr.Neustadt, Austria
Kunst im Raum, KV Favoriten, Vienna, Austria
Essence06, MAK, Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria

Installation#1, Qubik Space, Wr.Neustadt, Austria
Essence05, MAK, Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
Ausstellung, Kunstakademie Münster, Germany
Robert Schmitt Print Award, Kleine Galerie, Vienna, Austria

Figurama 04, Brünn, Znaim, Cech-Republik
Aqua forte, Kleine Galerie, Vienna, Austria
Sechs aus Drei, Mc Kinsey, Vienna, Austria

Figurama03, Wien-Brünn-Prag-Mainz, Austria, Cech-Republik, Germany



Art Fair – Parallel Edition, Semperdeopt, Vienna, AT

Art Fair – Parallel Vienna, Solo Presentation, Galerie Michaela Seif,
Vienna, Austria
Art Fair – Parallel EditionNo1 (Viadukt Screen Prints), Vienna

E/AB Fair 2020 NYC, (Viadukt), New York, USA
Art Fair – Parallel 1 (kuratiert von M.Holter), Vienna
Art Fair – Parallel 2 (mit Kurt Spitaler), Vienna
Art Fair – SIAF (Galerie M.Seif), Salzburg, AT

ViennaArtBookFair#1, (with Quint Screen Print), University of Applied Arts, Vienna, AT
SIAF – International Art Fair, (with Galerie Michaela Seif), Salzburg, AT
Art Austria, Art Fair, (with Loft8 Gallery), Vienna, AT
Art Vienna Art Fair, (with Loft8 Gallery), Vienna, AT

Art Fair Perchtoldsdorf, (with p.contemporary Gallery), Austria
Parallel, Art Fair, (with Kunstraum Retz), Vienna, Austia
Supermarket Art Fair, (with KV Baden Gallery), Stockholm, Sweden

Awards & Grants


Award, Vienna Business Agency, Creative Project, AUSTRIA
1st. Prize, Int. Print Award, Wharepuke Gallery, NEW ZEALAND
Wissenschaftsförderung Land NOE, GSK, Lower Austria, AT
Projektförderung BKA, Gebäudesoftskills, AUSTRIA
Ankauf Kunstwerke, Land Niederösterreich, Lower Austria, AT
Projektförderung Land NOE / Projekt NEW ZEALAND


Projektförderung Land Noe / Piano Sublimation#3, AT


Projektförderung Land Noe, AT & Malmö, Sweden


Stipendium AIR Krems, Austria / ÖKKV Sweden


Woyty Wimmer Preis, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria
Ankauf Land Niederösterreich, Lower Austria, AT


Sheila Sloss Memorial Award, Printmakers Council London, UK


Förderpreis für Bildende Kunst der Stadt Wiener Neustadt, Austria
Stipendium AIR Krems, Austria / Melbourne, Australia
Ankauf Landesmuseum/Artothek NÖ


Ankauf des BMUKK
Förderpreis des Landes NÖ
Otto Prutscher Fonds, AT


EmanuelSofie Fonds-Stipendium, AT
“A Brave New World” Vivatis-Anerkennungspreis, AT


Film Award, Debutnale06 – Siegervideo “Spacedrawings”, IFKE Linz, AT
Design Award, Briefmarkenentwurf (Stamp layout) “keine Gewalt an Frauen” (Post AG)


Design Award, Braukunst Etikette(Beer label) “Jazz” (Stiegl)
Design Award, Braukunst Etikette(Beer label) “Mozart” (Stiegl)


Design Award, Braukunst Etikette(Beer label) “Aufzug” (Stiegl)
Design Award, Briefmarke(Stamp layout) “Überdruck” (Post AG)