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Jana & JS - Mx Arts Tour 2021

Jana & Js


Austrian and French street artists Jana & Js are painting together since 2006. The pair create polychromed stencil murals widely ranging in size. Based primarily on their personal photographic work, the stencils seem to respond and interact with their surroundings. Mostly inspired by the city and people living in, their paintings merge urban landscape or architecture details with portrait, questioning the place of human being in the modern cities. Inspired by the place where they put their work they now focus on nostalgie, melancholy.

After spending some time in Madrid, Spain where they met and living a couple of years in Paris, Jana & Js are now setteled in Salzburg – Austria.

To display their works, they choose old materials that are showcasing the passing of physical time and history. They have made their art in unexpected spaces by printing stencils on public infrastructure or on the semi-finished/dismantled products/spaces such as the train tracks, old buildings, poles, pieces of concrete, old trucks, wood piles…

They are deeply inspired by every place they travel to, deciphering the social meaning in unforeseen aspects of urban landscapes. But what is the most striking part in their works are not panoramas themselves, but people with their existential uneasiness. They have the unique way of relating people, their emotions, desires and concerns with their environment.

Their urban interventions merge their subjects with the environment, provoking thoughts and engaging the viewers in an artistic dialogue.

Credit photo : Martin Leixnering

Solo Shows

„Windows“, San Privatklinik, Salzburg, Austria

„Memories“, Galerie Dumas, Linz, Austria

„Time will tell“ le Lavomatik, Paris, France

„Solo Show“ Kolja Kramer Fine Art, Vienna, Austria
„No broken Promises“ Thinkspace Project Room, Los Angeles, USA

„The Stories and the Memories we built“ Orlinda Lavergne Gallery, Mulhouse, France
„Fragments of Memories“, Fullerton Museum Center, Fullerton, CA., USA
„Ode to the other“, Le Lavo//Matik, Paris, France

„De la profondeur des sentiments“, Galerie Joel Knafo, Paris, France
„One Artist Show“, Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Petra Kern, Germany

„Inner World“, Stolen Space Gallery, London, England

„A Matter of time“, Pretty Portal Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany
“Forget the outside”, Inoperable Gallery, Vienna, Austria

“Beyond the Facade”, Art To Be Gallery, Lille, France
“Mutation Urbaine”, Galerie Haus der Kunst, Graz, Austria

“It Doesn’t Matter Who They are”, Galerie Openspace, Paris, France
“We will always be together”, Art To Be Gallery, Lille, France

“Jeux de constructions”, Galerie Itinerrance, Paris, France

Group shows


Galerie Dumas hors des Murs, Galerie Dumas, 59 Rivoli, Paris, France

French & Austrian Affairs VOL.2, Galerie Dumas, Linz (AT)
Galerie Dumas im Advent VOL.3, Galerie Dumas, Linz (AT)
Porsche Legacy, Galerie Sakura, Paris, France

SignCity, Urbanshit Galerie, Hamburg, Germany
Make ART not WAR, Galerie Dumas, Linz (AT)
#Summervibes, Galerie Dumas, Linz (AT)
#Streetart, Galerie Dumas, Linz (AT)
Galerie Dumas im Advent VOL.2, Galerie Dumas, Linz (AT)

French & Austrian Affairs, Galerie Dumas, Linz, Austria
„Break that Wall“ – Galerie Mazel, Bruxelles, Belgium
Galerie Dumas im Advent, Galerie Dumas, Linz, Austria

„10 years anniversary show“ – Galerie Mathgoth, Paris, France

„Spotlight Stencil“, Hashimoto Contemporary, New York, USA
„Urban Contemporary“, Galerie am Markt, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
„12 x 12“, The Stockroom, Melbourne, Australia

„3 Year anniversary show“, The Stockroom, Melbourne, Australia
„Peace Project“, Museum of Young Art, Vienna, Austria
„Sichtweisen“, Kunst Kompetenz Petra Kern, Heidelberg, Germany
„Viva con agua“, Millerntor Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
„Best of street art“, Kolja Kramer Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria

„Urban Art Wood“, Galerie Joel Knafo, Paris, France
„Cox Crew“, Cox Gallery, Bordeaux, France
„Cut Out“, UrbanShit Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
„Petits pochoirs entre amis“, Galerie Lithium, Paris, France
„Into the steel“, La Popartiserie, Strasbourg, France

„Nexxus“, The Brand Library & Art Center, Glendale, CA, USA
„Into the woods“, La Popartiserie, Strasbourg, France
„Please don‘t touch“, Galerie Openspace, Paris, France
„LAX-ORD“, Vertical Gallery, Chicago, USA
„The New Vangard“, Museum of art and History, Lancaster, USA
„Three Year Anniversary“, Vertical Gallery, Chicago, USA
„Duo“, Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
„POW!WOW!“, POW!WOW!HAWAII & Thinkspace, Honolulu, Hawaii

„The Power Of Paint“, Vertical Gallery, Chicago, USA
„Grand Opening“, Openspace Gallery, Paris, France
„LAX-LHR“, Stolenspace Gallery, London, England
„Ausschnitte“, Urbanshit Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
„Your Kid Can’t Do This“, aMBUSH Gallery, Sydney, Australia
„Cut it Out“, Urban Nation, Berlin, Germany
„La toute première fois“, Galerie Clemouchka, Lyon, France
„Cash, Cans and Candy“, Galerie Hilger Next, Vienna, Austria
„Kaleidoscope“, Galerie Speerstra, Bursins, Switzerland
„Spectrum“, Stolen Space Gallery, London, UK
„Stencil Only“, Galerie Pretty Portal, Düsseldorf, Germany

„Opus Delit Show“, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France
„Stencil Only“, Galerie Pretty Portal, Düsseldorf, Germany

le Mur de l‘Art, Espace des Blancs Manteaux, Paris, France
„Sur papier“, Galerie Celal, Paris, France
44 De l‘Art contemporain à l‘Art Urbain, Galerie Artfiler, Brüssel, Belgien
„Fifty/Fifty“, Galerie Mathgoth, Paris, Frankreich

Project Outdoor ARTFAIRS selection

Linzer Kunstsalon im Schlossmuseum, Galerie Dumas, Linz, Austria

Calle libre Festival – Vienna, Austria
Le clos du chène, Montevrain, France
Bratislava street art festival 10 years, Bratislava, Slovakia
Undergroud effect, La Défense, France
Wall street art grand Paris sud, Combs la ville, France

Underbridge festival, Salzburg, Austria
MS Artville, Hamburg, Germany
Walls can dance, Hamburg, Germany
Art Karlsruhe, Germany

Knock Knock, Land art Project, Salzburg, Austria
Lausanne Art Fair, Lausanne, Switzerland
Urban Art Fair Paris, France
Art Karlsruhe, Germany
Urvanity, Madrid, Spain
Art Up, Lille, France

Art Karlsruhe, Germany
Urban Artfair, Paris, France
Art Beijing Artfair, Beijing, China
St-Art, Strasbourg, France
Scale Festival, Munich, Germany
Festiwall, Paris, France

Art-Up, Rouen, France
La Reserve, Malakoff, France
Rouen Impressionnée, Rouen, France

Affordable Art Fair, New York, USA
Stroke Art Fair, München, Germany
Biennale International d‘Art Mural, Lille, France

“DayOne Festival”, Rosealare, Belgium
“In Situ Art Festival”, Aubervilliers, France

„40° Urban Art Festival“, Düsseldorf, Germany
St-art Art fair, Straßburg, France
Lille Art Fair, Lille, France

„Sand, Sea and Spray“, Blackpool, England
„Bratislava Street Art Festival“, Bratislava, Slovakia

Zagreb Street Art Museum, Zagreb, Croatia

„Qui vive?“ Internationale Biennale for Young Art, Artplay,
Moscow, Russia
St-art Art fair, Straßburg, France
Stroke 02, Urban Art Fair, München, Germany