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The Gladpow project was born during the lockdown. The character Gladpow was born from a black and white photo self-portrait with his face hidden by his hair. It all started in the street with street art.

Gladpow’s concept: to reflect on emblems, the people the artist meets, which she hijacks by hiding the faces, to integrate them into an urban environment that calls on the public to question its relationship to art and identity. The “game” is for the spectators to recognise – or not – the character or characters that are hidden behind the erased faces. For Gladpow, it is a question of making them recognizable without a face.

Gladpow shares her work on the street, paints with acrylics on craft paper and glues it to walls, and also creates murals indoors and outdoors. Her work continues to evolve through travel, discovery and exhibition.