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Kateryna Kurlova


I’ve been painting since childhood, for as long as i remember. When i was in school i was painting sketches, and producing hand-madeclothes. After school i wanted to study at the art academy in Kharkiv, Ukraine, but my parents did not support my pursuit and i had to study to be an economist. At 22 i started painting again, i was doing self-education. I tried several different art directions: besides paintings i was creating handmade toys, polymer clay products, and hand embroidery.

I launched my own clothes for kids brand but soon realized this is not enough and i want to make something bigger. As i was raising a child, i started doing graphic design, which led me to the game-dev industry. I was creating art for mobile games for 2 years. At that time i received broad experience in visual digital design. In my spare time i was doing wall art projects. I was not only the performer but also the author and the designer of the arts themselves: restaurants, similar places of all kinds etc. As time went by, my style was surfacing more distinctly. Then the war in ukraine started on february 24th 2022, i had to flee my home country and start from scratch in a different country, Austria.